Talent Acquisition & Hiring Assistance

Are you on the lookout for new talent? Allow us to streamline your hiring process, whether it's by managing the entire recruitment lifecycle or just a portion of it – the choice is yours. Our expertise encompasses crafting compelling job descriptions and advertisements, posting vacancies across various platforms, and meticulously screening and interviewing candidates. Ease the hiring burden and partner with us for a seamless, efficient recruitment experience.

Employer Branding 

In a fiercely competitive job market, a strong employer brand is indispensable. Whether it's optimizing your company's LinkedIn page, managing your Glassdoor or Indeed employer profile, or revamping the careers page on your website, we are here to elevate your employer brand. Choose from consulting services to full management solutions, and let's work together in magnetizing top-tier talent towards your organization.

Résumé Review/Edits & Interview Coaching 

Reinvigorate your job search with our personalized résumé review and editing service. With a wealth of experience analyzing résumés, we'll refine yours to a polished, professional standard. Our mock interview sessions are designed to hone your interviewing skills, boosting your confidence for the real deal. Engage with our expert services and position yourself a cut above the rest in the job market.

Job Description/Job Ads Creation/Edits 

Breathe new life into your job descriptions and advertisements with our innovative writing service. We craft unique, inclusive, and legally compliant job descriptions that are also EEO adherent, ensuring they resonate with a diverse audience. Our AI-verified content not only differentiates you from competitors but also enhances candidate attraction. Transition from mundane to captivating job listings with our tailored services.

Casting Services 

(Coming Soon) Nestled in the vibrant heart of Beverly Hills, we are your gateway to a vast network of premier talent. Our casting services are geared towards connecting you with the perfect ensemble for your next creative endeavor. Stay tuned for more details or reach out to discuss your specific needs.

Interview Process & Interviewer Training 

Empower your recruitment team with our bespoke interviewer training programs. Acquaintance with EEO, OFCCP, bias and diversity principles is vital in today’s hiring landscape. We offer comprehensive training solutions that encompass ATS, LinkedIn, Indeed, and other sourcing tools, turning your recruiters into proficient hiring maestros.

Social Media Influencer Bookings 

Discover the perfect match for your brand amongst our extensive roster of social media influencers and brand ambassadors. Whether you're launching a new product or aiming to boost brand awareness, we'll align you with influencers that resonate with your brand ethos and audience.

Temporary Coverage 

When workload surges or team members are absent, we’re here to bridge the gap. Our adept professionals can seamlessly integrate into your operations, offering temporary coverage across talent acquisition, human resources, and marketing domains. Share your challenges with us, and we'll provide the solutions.

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